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“POWER TO SUCCEED - a revolutionary handbook for the higher life”

I know that right now there are many people out there, fighting the battles of their lives to keep their heads above water. This book is a product of my interest in their struggles, for the larger story of humanity has been the story of struggles, unfulfilled dreams, poverty, sicknesses, homelessness, defeat and frustrations. Through this book, I want to affect, change, shape, encourage, direct, strengthen and lend someone out there a helping hand for I know that right now, many are down on their knees, ready to give up.

Even if you are down a 6.5 kilometre hole, beyond the reach of the experts, with challenges that no one has ever survived, this book will revive you, bring you back to the surface and give you the power to succeed.

In a thought provoking manner, the author shares the secrets of success that he has observed at work in his own life and what he has gleaned from the lives of success greats the world over, and presents the real reasons very few people taste the fruits of success in their entire lives and also shows with absolute clarity why the progress of millions of others are stalled. This book shows why the quest for success for most of mankind is cut short, what those going for success need to know and what they must do if they are already caught in this intractable web of man’s most pathetic and debilitating condition called failure and ... read more


As a Pastor, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, I speak to hundreds of people face to face every week. I meet a lot of people that live below the success line and others that are unhappy with what they have achieved who express their utter helplessness concerning their situation.

I made this startling discovery that most of the problems that people go through in life are self-inflicted. You can think yourself into disaster. You can also think yourself into stupendous wealth, happiness and the good life. This human condition is the missing dimension that breaks humanity into classes: the poor, rich and wealthy; the miserable, happy and others enjoying the good life. Taking control of your thought life and funneling those thoughts into productive endeavors is what attracts the right people, circumstances and opportunities that are the critical element to a successful and fun filled life.

After many years of listening and offering counsel to people that are struggling to make ends meet and others that have resigned themselves to a life drudgery and misery, I have come to the conclusion that what they need is not money as many presuppose, what they need more than anything else is a mind transformation message. This is because they have been blighted by a strange disease of the mind called smugness. Until and unless the mind is cured from this malady, success is not ... read more

If you want to learn how to swim, don’t frustrate yourself in 6-inches of water. By the same token, if you want to succeed, don’t listen to ‘professors’ and copycats. Learn from a man who have defied every odd and through hair splitting challenges, blood and tears rose to top of his games. Learn from a man who built his successes one block at a time and has taught and mentored thousands in the Corporate, Business and Church World for over 17 years.

Every successful person who lived in the past or is alive today is a person that made hay while the sun was shining. Stop and think about it. Zik, Awolowo, Mandela, Ojukwu, Obasanjo, Obama, they didn’t just walk around saying, “Isn’t it wonderful, being alive, what’s going to be is going to be, regardless of what I do”. What made the difference and set them apart from the rest of us was that they knew exactly what they had to do. Even though it was not convenient, they defied themselves, went ahead and did them.

Because the road to success is filled with the unexpected, you don’t just need to have the mind; you need to have the heart also if you have to get to the end of the journey. Having the mind helps us carry the burden and responsibility that comes with handling problems we have never met before while having the heart gives us the spiritual conditioning that makes us steady when we are struck with sickness, accosted with fear, or overwhelmed with strangeness or hurt and bruised in the mind.

There is something I have seen under the sun, and you can take a look around to confirm it: there has never been a time that it was easy to succeed at anything.

Success has always been the reward of vision, handwork, focus, determination and perseverance ... read more

“This book came at the right time. It is soul lifting and motivational. You really need to read this book to help you face and overcome the current challenges we face and prepare you for a better future.“ – Mr. Kenneth Nwachukwu, CEO, KETCOM Integrated Services Company, Lagos.

“This book made me to know that laziness is an affliction, that ideas are the seeds of success and that my dream is my future.“ – Miss Joy Ndubueze Anwulika, Business Associate, Leadway Assurance Co. Limited, Ibadan, Oyo State.

“This book is a blueprint that teaches you how not to submit or surrender to adversity and how to fuel your mind and imagination to do what you ought to do to succeed.“ – Pastor Godwin Eze, Coker, Lagos.

“If you want a book with a balance for upward trend both in entrepreneurship and social relationship; then go read "POWER TO SUCCEED". Franklin wrote this book for only the people who desire success in life.“ – Joseph Lawal, Regional Manager, Leadway Assurance, Port Harcourt.

“This is one of such books that sets one on a path to a world of unending success. Really expository in content.Its a sure book for the now.“ – Isaiah kelechi Madubugwu. Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

“This book "POWER TO SUCCEED".is loaded with wisdom and carries with it the momentum to accelerate a stagnant body.“ – Nneoma Dim Osinachi Riscilla. Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

franklin Obiagwu


Is a pastor, author, trainer, motivational speaker and life coach.

The host of ‘Achieve Greatness Africa”- a Success Consciousness & Financial Intelligence Seminar in Lagos - a melting pot for everyone that aspires to achieve greatness or understand the secrets of wealth and happiness and how to maximize the innate powers of the individual.

A renowned sales, leadership, people development, management and public speaking training professional, leveraging upon an extraordinary sales career with over 12 years of experience in selling, leading sales teams, business modelling, people and leadership development, coaching and mentoring sellers, managers, entrepreneurs and executive management.

Has trained for top companies like UNIC Insurance plc, Cornerstone Insurance plc and presently provides training to the entire agency sales force of Leadway Assurance Company Limited since 2013 more

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